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Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

Improve your body’s performance with pre-event, post-event, training, and rehabilitation massage.   By varying pressure depth and technique with strategic timing to your training, sports massage can improve range of motion and remove specific knots to keep your body running smoothly.

Sports/Deep tissue massage sessions include a fusion of Trigger Point Therapy/Acupressure, Swedish-style Deep Tissue, Facilitated Stretching, and/or Gua Sha(Scraping).  Multiple sessions are recommended. Light to Deep pressure.


photo by Jonny Edwin


Swedish Massage

Maintain your heart health! Relaxing Swedish Massage soothes tired muscles and calms the mind with long flowing massage strokes directed towards your heart to improve blood and lymph circulation. Light to Medium pressure.


Pregnancy Massage

TLC for all mothers! A modified Swedish-style massage session with use of pillow support for side-lying positioning. Only for 2nd or 3rd trimester pregnancies.  Aromatherapy is encouraged. Organic products available.  Light to Medium-Deep Pressure.

Chair Massage

Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair with your clothes on. It is excellent for relaxation and neck, back & shoulder issues.


CBD Infused Oil & Lotion Add-On

Incorporate the healing elements of Cannabis to your session.  This age old infamous plant can add an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging element to your session.  It’s non-psychoactive and safe for a wide range of therapeutic application.



Auricular Acupressure with Ear Seeds

The placement of seeds or beads to stimulate specific acupuncture points on the ear. Chinese Medicine views the ear as a micro-representation of the body as a whole, able to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions addressed by the stimulation of ear points.



Cupping therapy is an alternative therapy (originated in early Chinese Medicine) using glass cups to create suction to move stagnation in the body. With the ability to pull out heat, toxins, and increase blood and lymph flow, this type of “inverse massage” provides another level of relaxation and pain relief. Can be a stand alone treatment or included in a Deep Tissue/Sports Massage session.


Heat Therapy & Moxibustion

“Moxa” is a form of heat therapy where Mugwort, a warming and moving herb compacted into a stick, is burned above the body.  The intention of heat therapy is to warm and invigorate energy & blood in the body and to dispel certain pathogenic influences.


Thai Yoga Bodywork

Performed on a mat or table while the recipient is comfortably clothed and on a soft organic material mat.  Also referred to as “Lazy Man’s Yoga” or “Thai Massage,” Thai Yoga Bodywork improves mobility, range of motion, and clears stagnation in the natural energy pathways of the body. During a session, a recipient fully relaxes while the practitioner stimulates acupressure points and encourages deep breathing during passive positioning and placement of yoga postures. Highly recommended for athletes and individuals seeking to improve and deepen their yoga or stretching practice.

Please dress in comfortable clothing similar to sweatpants or yoga wear.


photo by: Natasha Zoch




Swedish – Chair – Reflexology Massage $80/hr

Deep Tissue -Acupressure – Sports – Thai Massage $90/hr

Add-ons: CBD Infused Lotion or Oil $10 per session

Cupping $30 / 30 minute session

Reiki (Hands-on or Hands-off) $75/hr

Ear Seed Acupressure Application Only $10




Package of (3) 1 hour – $210 (Save 12%)


Package of (3) 1 hour – $240 (Save 12%)

Package of (3) 1.5 hour sessions – $375 (Save 12%)

Package of (5) 1 hour – $375 (Save 18%)

Package of (5) 1.5 hour – $550 (Save 18%)

Studio is Handicap Accessible

Groups & Event – Soigneur –

In Home starting at $130+

Sales tax applies in MN



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