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UPDATED 6/17/2021

Massage Hours of Operation

Wednesdays 2-7pm

Thursdays 4-7pm

Saturdays 4-7pm

Hello fellow Velo du Nordians, after 14 years of service as a massage therapist, Sarah will no longer be offering massage to the public and will be closing her books in Fall.  She will be offering acupuncture and Chinese Medicine late Fall 2021.
Stay tuned if you are interested in acupuncture and herbal medicine!

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Auricular Acupressure with Ear Seeds

The placement of seeds or beads to stimulate specific acupuncture points on the ear. Chinese Medicine views the ear as a micro-representation of the body as a whole, able to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions addressed by the stimulation of ear points. Available during any massage session.


Cupping therapy is an alternative therapy (originated in early Chinese Medicine) using glass cups to create suction to move stagnation in the body. With the ability to pull out heat, toxins, and increase blood and lymph flow, this type of “inverse massage” provides another level of relaxation and pain relief. Can be a stand alone treatment or included as part of your massage session.

Heat Therapy & Moxibustion

At our studio, we utilize heat to aid in circulation by the use heat lamps and the practice of Moxibustion. “Moxa” is a form of heat therapy where Mugwort, a warming and moving herb compacted to burn like incense, is hovered along the body on specific acupoints.  The intention of heat therapy is to nourish, energize, and invigorate to help strengthen and support the body. Excellent for aches & pains.




Studio Massage $120/hr

(Prices include tax)

Studio is Handicap Accessible


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